Cloud Based Access Control without Gateways or Hubs allows you to manage multiple locations on a single platform. Used by the Military and National Retail.


By design and materials, Valet Vault™ is the most secure equipment on the market. Our patent-pending fabrication methods provide unparalleled security for keys and the vehicles they protect.

Industrial Grade 1 Access Control included with first year of Software & Support
Sentinel & Guardian​
Commercial Grade 1 Access Control included with first year of Software & Support


Edge State Unified platform allows you to mange 1000’s of podiums on a single platform from your smart phone or desktop. Immediately receive events, users, lock state as well as pertinent information in one place. Add/delete users, unlock podiums from anywhere, within seconds. Security levels can be set to let Managers only see what they need to.


Made in the USA and built with industrial grade reinforced aluminum creates the UL rated durability. The Valet Vault™ is more durable: Our door is able to withstand 1,000 lbs. of pulling resistance and lasts 5 times longer than competitor models.





Defend Your Way

The DEFENDER is strong enough to withstand more than 1,000 lbs. of pulling resistance without rusting, and smart enough to include a selfclosing door — an industry first.



Keeper of Keys

The GUARDIAN is small enough to mount on a wall, yet it has the same anti-theft door as its big brother, the DEFENDER.



Compacted Strength

The slim profile of the SENTINEL fits into small spaces, while its industrial-grade armor and smart technology protect stored assets.