Build Your Valet VaultTM.
Features. Sentinels On the Frontline

The Valet Vault™ is our answer to the increasing number of thefts that have damaged the financial well-being and reputation of the valet parking industry. This product is built to defend against theft of your most expensive vehicles keys, thanks to industrial grade aluminum. This patent-pending technology makes The Valet Vault™ nearly 10X stronger than competitors. Manage operations remotely. Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Valet Vault™ makes the worlds strongest valet equipment in the world.

Smart technology (Wifi) accesses & monitors remotely.
Patent-pending first ever self closing door and it mitigates employee error.
10X stronger than competitors. Being the strongest is making us best practice for operators.
Taller podium improves the appearance of your team by making the Valet Vault™ products we sell more ergonomically correct.
Fabricated with our patent pending models and designs of reinforced aluminum.
Best-in-class interior and exterior LED lights for wayfinding and employee safety.

Valet Vault™ was created out of absolute necessity — our valet parking business lost several vehicles to flimsy and easily defeated valet boxes (APD). Thieves waited for valet attendants to get busy, running back and forth to cars. Within seconds, they took advantage, breaking into valet stands with little more than hand tools. We had to do something. We searched for a valet stand that could withstand break-ins; no such product existed. So we built one, establishing Valet Vault™ and partnering with Henry Incorporated to create the world’s most secure valet equipment. Every detail of the Valet Vault™ is engineered to make valet parking easier and more secure, from remote access and safety features to protect against hand tools, and other theft prevention measures capable to 1,000 pounds of pull resistance.

Materials & Finishes.
Textured automotive grade paint and rust-proof finishes maintain professional appearance.
Valet Vault Plate™ patent pending metal plate that separates the drawer from the key cabinet below. This is a truly vaulted system.
Industrial-grade aluminum — more than 10x stronger than competitors and recyclable.
The Defender Plate™ is a patent pending welded plate that prevents the door from torquing under pressure of pry bars or other forced entry.
Dimensions & Weight.
Cloud Based Access Control Lock.

This cloud-based smart-lock easy to use Access Management Software platform allows owners/operators to access and manage multiple valet podiums anytime, anywhere. All you need is a smart phone, tablet, or computer to deliver temporary access codes, receive notifications, save programming data, enable auto-lock mode, and more. The dashboard is easy to use. Open API allows you to integrate with other platforms. Open architecture allows you to add additional locks to other doors-all on a single platform. (ex: Healthcare, Hotels, Restaurants, Garages, etc).

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