Grant Henry

As Chief Operating Officer of Valet Vault, Grant Henry oversees the development and fabrication of all Valet Vaults and provides vital input that has led to several improvements to our line of Valet Vault products.

Zach Wojohn, the CEO and founder of Valet Vault, formed a partnership with Grant, who, is also the COO of the $20+ million a year, family-owned metal fabrication company Henry Incorporated. With an impeccable reputation for workmanship that it has been building on since its inception in 1956, and a long list of high-profile clients to verify their commitment to quality, Henry provides the perfect strategic alliance to ensure that each Valet Vault is built to the highest standards. In addition to the expertise they bring to the table, working with Atlanta-based Henry Inc. also allows Valet Vault to proudly showcase the “Made in the USA” mark.

According to Grant, the benefit to the initial collaboration to create the Valet Vault product was that Henry had the opportunity to analyze the initial prototypes and make adjustments to produce the best product possible. Grant went on, “We have gone through several development models, each better than the one before. We have had the opportunity to ask again and again ‘how do we make it better and stronger; what features will make Valet Vault’s clients lives easier and their businesses more secure?’”

Grant is the third-generation leader of Henry Incorporated and has been an integral part of the team since the beginning of his professional career. In 2012 he was appointed COO and took over day-to-day operations of the company his grandfather founded. He manages all of Henry’s operations, including the Sales, Estimating, Project Management, Engineering, Production and Installation departments. Additionally, Grant oversees the company’s strategic initiatives in various markets including custom architectural metals and signage, new product development, corporate rebranding programs, and diverse investments.
Grant’s partnership with Zach and the collaborative relationship between Valet Vault and Henry Incorporated has produced a line of products that exceeded their expectations and resulted in an absolute game-changer for the parking industry.