Shelli Wojohn

As general legal counsel for Valet Vault, Shelli Wojohn makes sure that all of our i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed and plays an integral role in maneuvering through any legalities that Valet Vault requires assistance with.

Beginning her legal career as an intern for The Coca-Cola Company and the law firm King & Spalding for Coke, Shelli’s passion for law followed in the footsteps of her uncle, Robert Keller, who acted as General Counsel for The Coca-Cola Company for 27 years. Shelli’s journey started at Emory Law School, with aspirations to be a Corporate Litigator, but working on “The Black Widow Case” as an intern with the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office, she fell in love with criminal prosecution and the quick pace and excitement of the courtroom. That change in direction led to her accepting the Assistant Solicitor position in Clayton County, which included overseeing every type of criminal calendar relating to state misdemeanor charges, from arraignments to jury trials. Shelli was then recruited as a Senior Assistant Solicitor with the City of Atlanta Solicitor’s Office and worked there for 12 years through 3 administrations. During her time with the city of Atlanta, Shelli’s responsibilities included management of the DUI division and then the Traffic division, and she ran the Criminal Inmate calendar, handling arraignments and bond hearings as well as preliminary hearings and other motions.

In addition to the many responsibilities and accomplishments relating to her experience with the city solicitor’s office, Shelli taught classes at the Atlanta Police Department Academy for the FIT Team recruits. She was also certified by the Georgia Bar, Supreme Court, and Prosecuting Attorneys Council as a mentor for new prosecutors.

Shelli’s involvement with her husband’s (Zach Wojohn) parking company, Executive Parking Systems, spanned almost 20 years, and she officially joined the team as their in-house counsel in 2019 to help with the significant growth that Executive was experiencing. With Executive, Shelli leverages her legal expertise in handling contract drafting and negotiations, lease abstracts, pro forma reviews, claim issues, and permits.

In 2020, Zach’s business ventures expanded to include Valet Vault, and with the new company, Shelli’s role expanded as well. We are proud to have Shelli as part of our family-run businesses and a valued member of the Valet Vault team.