In recent months, we have been asked by a few clients about another product on the market. The general question being why it looks similar to our patented Valet Vault. After taking a closer look, we thought it would be important to educate our clients and partners as to what’s out in the market.   

Simply put, Valet Vault’s superior design and fabrication has produced the strongest and safest valet podium in the industry that cannot be matched. Why you ask?

1. Valet Vault leverages over twenty five years of experience as a Parking/ Valet operator. From making valet podiums out of plywood in 1998 to today’s Valet Vault, we’ve taken every aspect of creating a functional and ergonomic podium that helps operators streamline their operation. 

2. From our fruition in 2019, we have spent several years of R&D to produce a podium that will deter the most determined criminals from accessing the keys. After our initial designs, we collaborated with several parking operators to collaborate and provide feedback on how to improve our product offering.

3. Our partnership with our industry leading  fabricator. Henry Incorporate is an industry leader in specialty fabrication. Their meticulous process and craftsmanship ensures that Valet Vault is the strongest valet podium in the industry.

4. Valet Vault is the first and only self-closing door in the industry. Initially, we received a patent for our security innovation for inventing a door that could withstand 1,000 lbs of pressure. Just this week, Valet Vault received it’s second patent for our superior design and innovation in key storage solutions.

Simply put… there may be products out there that try to look like a Valet Vault, but they will always fail in comparison. Don’t be fooled by  imitators and never settle for less than a Valet Vault…. your guests and clients deserve it.