About Us

Our mission is to provide industry leaders with best in class & best practice valet key storage solutions. Valet Vault is an American-made supplier of valet parking equipment. Our valet key storage equipment is safer, smarter, stronger than the competition, thanks to superior quality materials, patent-pending fabrication technology and decades of user experience in the valet parking industry.

The emerging Valet Vault parking equipment is the ideal key storage solution for hotels, restaurants, casinos, hospitals, car dealerships, airports, and other locations.


Years of Valet
Parking Experience


Metal Fabrication Experience


Years of Physical Security Experience

Our Goal.

VALET VAULT™ is on a mission to defend parking companies and their customers from car theft as a result of stolen keys, employee errors, & faulty equipment.

Improving your key storage is our business

Zach Wojohn

Founder, CEO

Rob LaLonde


Grant Henry

COO, Fabricator

Shelli Wojohn

General Counsel

Everybody wins with VALET VAULT: Parking Operators, Restaurateur’s, property owners and mangers, insurer’s and most importantly vehicle owners who have trusted you with their vehicles.

Zach Wojohn